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Park Wodny Tarnowskie Góry

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Climbing wall

zdjęcie basenu

The climbing wall was designed in such a way that persons at different age and with different sports progress would be able to use it. It is equipped with sets of individual anchors and divided into:

1. buldering zone - boulder with the height up to 3.7 m and climbing surface of about 100 m²,

2. training zone consisting of campus along with a fife rail as well as a pull rod with the possibility to hang ring grips, TRX and other training apparatus,

3. the main zone of climbing wall with dimensions of: height 16.5 m, width 21 m and surface of about 400 m², including:


  • sports part with an overhang up to about 7.5 m,

  • recreational zone for beginners and intermediate with an overhang up to 3 m,

  • separate play zone for children consisting of walls with the height of 6 m as well as 3.5 m. This zone is additionally equipped with mattresses as well as overhead anchors,

  • sports and recreational zone on the level of 3.5 m and surface of 200 m²,

  • instructor zone situated over the play zone for children with the surface of 30 m². It is equipped with ledges and belay ledges for learning the basic rope techniques.