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Terms of the Water Park



  1. Before entering the complex and using the facilities of Aqua Park it is necessary to become acquainted with the general Rules of Use and instructions for use of particular equipment.

  2. By entering into the paid zone of Aqua Park you agree to be bound by the regulation of the Rules of Use. 

  3. The complex is open from Monday to Saturday, from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm. Sports swimming pool, learners" swimming pool, brine bath and Jacuzzi from 6.00 am to 8.00 am, gym from 7.00 am, other pools and sauna from 8.00 am.

  4. AIG S.A. reserves the right to reserve everyday max. four lanes in the sports swimming pool for its own use

  5. The complex hosts max. 600 people/h, max. number of people in the pool area: 342 people 

  6. People violating public order, the regulations of Rules of Use, disobeying the WOPR lifeguards, instructors or maintenance staff may be removed from the complex. 

  7. All people staying in the complex must immediately obey the broadcasted announcements. 

  8. It is strictly prohibited to:

  • bring into the complex any glass containers, cans, sharp tools and other dangerous object as well as animals
  • enter the complex after the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances
  • smoke tobacco in the complex
  1. Organized groups (min. number of members - 15) must have at least one supervisor for every 15 members, responsible for his/her charges throughout the whole time spent in the complex. 

  2. In organized groups with disabled people there must be one supervisor for every disabled person. 

  3. The group supervisor is obliged to:

  • become acquainted with the guidelines for group supervisors available in the Customer Service Office.
  • get in touch, before entering the pool zone, with the shift manager of the WOPR lifeguards in order to discuss the rules of use.
  1. There is a continuous monitoring in the complex and the camera recordings may be a basis to take appropriate measures against the users who disobey the regulations of the Rules of Use.


  1. In the swimming hall bathing suit is de rigueur: for women one or two-piece bathing suit, for men standard swimming trunks.

  2. Aqua Park does not assume any responsibility for mechanical damages of bathing suits resulting from the use of slides.

  3. Entering the changing rooms wearing outdoor footwear is strictly prohibited.

  4. Prior to entering the swimming hall, every pool user is obliged to wash the whole body and disinfect feet.

  5. Using water attractions, in particular slides, it is absolutely necessary to obey the instructions of use, pay attention to the signals of automatic signaling devices and staff instructions.

  6. The sports pool has a right-hand swimming direction along the lanes.

  7. In the swimming hall it is strictly prohibited to:

  • run around and next to the pool, jump into the pool in places other than those designated
  • push other pool users into the water
  • climb balustrades, lifeguards" posts, walls surrounding the pools, flower stands and other equipment not intended for climbing
  • use life saving equipment and swimming equipment for purposes other than their intended use
  • swim close the to wave generator"s safety guard
  • throw into the water any dishes, food leftovers and other foreign objects
  • destroy the equipment or fittings of the complex
  • use soap or other chemicals in the swimming hall
  1. No person showing signs of skin diseases, open wounds, lack of personal hygiene or suffering from epilepsy, balance disorders, having difficulty breathing or behaving aggressively can enter the swimming hall.

  2. Children under 10 can stay in the complex, bathe and use the water attractions only under the supervision of adults.

  3. People with unstable health condition shall use the attractions with particular care and attention (or after consultation with their doctor). AIG S.A. does not assume responsibility for any health effects of the above mentioned people resulting from the stay in the pool.

  4. All cuts, wounds and other problems must be immediately reported to the nearest WOPR lifeguard.




  1. The payment for stay in the swimming hall, sauna and gym is based on the fee and price list approved by the Board of Economic Initiatives Agency Plc. (Agencja Inicjatyw Gospodarczych S.A.).

  2. The fee for the first 60 minutes is charged upfront, in accordance with the price list, and is not refundable.

  3. The time is counted from the moment of admission ticket purchase until the moment of transponder-key return at the cashier"s counter.

  4. The entry cashier"s counter is open until 9.00 pm

  • 2-hour ticket is sold until 8.00 pm
  • 3-hour ticket is sold until 7.00 pm
  1. Surcharge to a paper ticket is calculated in accordance with a currently effective standard ticket price list. The payment may be in cash, by credit card or other payment units accepted in Aqua Park.

  2. Surcharge for stay in the zone exceeding the purchased time is calculated, in accordance with the price list, on the basis of real time within accuracy of one minute.

  3. Surcharge for 1-minute stay in sauna is the same for all types tickets.

  4. Sauna can be used only after purchasing a ticket to the swimming hall.

  5. Massage can be enjoyed in the sauna zone only after prior purchase of a ticket to the pool.

  6. Children under 3 are admitted free of charge.

  7. Children under 7, primary school students, middle school students, high school students, post-secondary school students, university students under 26, pensioners, senior citizens (upon presenting valid pensioner"s card or pension slip) are entitled to reduced ticket.

  8. Invoices for the services provided by Aqua Park are issued in the Customer Service Office on the basis of cash register receipts (admission payment receipt and surcharge payment receipt).

  9. Every complaint, in particular those concerning payments, must be accompanied by an entry and/or exit receipt.




  1. Damage or loss of the complex equipment or fittings results in an obligatory payment of 100% value of the damaged or lost elements.

  2. The Economic Initiatives Agency Plc. (Agencja Inicjatyw Gospodarczych S.A.) does not assume any responsibility for valuables or cash lost on the complex premises.

  3. Property left in the swimming hall and found by the Aqua Park"s staff may be collected at cashier"s counter No. 3 within 30 days from the day they were lost.

  4. There is a penalty fee which applies to every user for the loss of:

  • the whole strap with electronic reader - 110,00 PLN
  • the key only - 80,00 PLN
  • the chip only - 15.00 PLN
  1. Parents or supervisors are liable for the damages caused by children on the premises of Aqua Park.

  2. The Economic Initiatives Agency Plc. (Agencja Inicjatyw Gospodarczych S.A.) does not assume any responsibility for accidents resulting from disobedience of the Rules of Use.

  3. Complaints and suggestions are accepted by the Administrative and Technical Manager every Tuesday from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

  4. Current complaints and suggestions may be submitted at the Customer Service Office everyday between 8.00 am and 9.30 pm.


Supervisors obligations regarding use of the complex facilities:

  • Before entering the complex the supervisor is obliged to become acquainted with the effective rules of use and obey them

  • The group shall wait in distance from the cashier"s counters in order no to obstruct the entry for individual users.

  • The group supervisor is obliged to make his/her charges acquainted with the rules of use of the complex and obey all its regulations.

  • After entering the swimming hall the group supervisor is obliged to line up his/her group and get in touch with the shift manager of the WOPR lifeguards in order to discuss the rules of use of the complex facilities.

Entry into the facility:

  • The cashier gives out to the supervisor a counted out number of transponders which the supervisor personally hands out to his/her charges.

  • Every transponder has a locker number and a locker key attached.

  • The group supervisor receives the main transponder on the basis of which the admission fee for the whole group is calculated.

  • The group supervisor signs an organized group stay report and an application form which must be filled in and handed over to the WOPR lifeguard immediately after entering the swimming hall.

  • The time is counted from the moment of transponder"s activation and payment.

  • First the group members go to the changing rooms area, every member finds a locker corresponding to the number on his/her transponder (entering the changing room area in outdoor footwear is strictly prohibited).

  • All belongings, except for those necessary in the swimming hall, must be left in the locker.

  • After locking the locker strap the transponder on your wrist.

  • Even if the group supervisor does not use water attractions he/she should wear appropriate clothes and footwear (flip-flops or thongs).

Leaving the swimming hall:

  • After changing and locking the lockers the supervisor collects all transponders from the members of his group received while entering the complex.

  • The supervisor returns to the cashier all transponders, including the main transponder (his own) on the basis of which the admission fee is calculated.

  • In case the agreed time of stay (or sauna use) is exceeded the supervisor is obliged to pay the due amount in accordance with the effective price list.




§ 1

  1. The present regulations are Winding within the Sports Hall at the Water Park in Tarnowskie Góry, located at Obwodnica Street no. 8.

  2. The entity managing with the Sports Hall at the Water Park in Tarnowskie Góry, hereinafter referred to as "the Sports Hall", is Agencja Inicjatyw Gospodarczych S.A. (Economic Initiative Agency Co.) seated in Tarnowskie Góry (42-600), Obwodnica Street no. 8.

  3. People occupying the Sports Hall are subject to regulations concerning the structure as well as special regulations concerning specified services such as squash and a climbing wall.

  4. Before entering the area of the Sports Hall it"s necessary to acquaint with the present Regulations as well as other regulations concerning the hall functioning and offered services.

  5. The entry to the area of the Sports Hall means the acceptance of points included in the present regulations.

§ 2

  1. The Sports Hall is a place of offering sports services as well as organizing sports, recreational events and others in accordance to its technical capabilities.

  2. All services as well as sports events take place in accordance to the commonly binding rules.

  3. One can occupy the Sports Hall only within the opening hours.

  4. The entity managing with the Sports Hall reserves the right to close, cancel or make a reservation of the main arena, a climbing wall and squash courts because of played tournaments, sports events, the structure maintenance or other reasons. Clients will be informed about this fact minimum 24 hours in advance - by phone or e-mail in case of making reservations as well as by posting up the information in the main hall of the Sports Hall.

§ 3

  1. The main arena (fields), squash and the climbing wall located in the Sports Hall can be used ONLY by people, who have reserved and purchased time for a given hour for using sports services, or being a member of a formal group, who takes part in activities on the basis of appropriate contract or agreement.

  2. Each person using the main arena (fields), squash and the climbing wall is obliged to have and present on call a document with themselves that entitles to use sports services.

  3. Purchasing a sports service available within the Sports Hall a client declares that his/her health state enables to use the whole service offer tendered in the Sports Hall. The entity managing with the Sports Hall is not responsible for health detriments of people using the Sports Hall, resulting from their poor state of health.

  4. The employee of the Sports Hall is entitled to call the security service in order to take action to check people occupying the hall for safety risk from them because of alcohol, drugs consumption or as a result of carrying in weapon or dangerous objects.

  5. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be let in the area of the Sports Hall.

§ 4

  1. People occupying the area of the Sports Hall should be well-mannered, not threatening other users of the hall and not creating risk for the structure itself, and also not disturbing activities, taking place within this area.

  2. In the area of the Sports Hall and within its limits no alcohol, other stimulants or drugs are definitely permitted.

  3. All those occupying the Sports Hall are obliged to comply with regulations, instructions or announcements ordered in the Sports Hall, taking particularly into consideration rules and announcements concerning evacuation.

  4. The structure is monitored continuously and camcorder recordings can be the basis to draw consequences towards users, who do not comply with the Regulations.

§ 5

  1. It is not permitted to carry in to the area of the Sports Hall:

a) alcohol drinks,

b) any type of weapon,

c) objects, which might be used as a weapon or bullet,

d) containers to spray gas, corrosive and stinking materials, or colouring agents,

e) glasses,

f) objects of big dimensions such as ladders, tables, chairs, boxes, suitcases, etc., unless they are necessary to conduct activities on and carrying them in would be reported to right employees of the Sports Hall,

g) pyrotechnic items,

h) flag staffs,

i) instruments to produce noise with mechanical drive,

j) "balaclavas" that might serve to camouflage to make identification impossible.

  1. Furthermore, it is not permitted to:

a) entering the area, which is not admitted for clients of the hall (interior rooms, service rooms, roof constructions),

b) throwing any objects that might be really dangerous for life and health of other participants of events,

c) using vulgar language, singing obscene songs, offending any people, displaying banners with insulting and provocative contents,

d) starting fire, fireworks and exploding firecrackers,

e) selling goods, entry cards (tickets), distributing printed matter and organizing collections without the Sports Hall administrator"s consent,

f) writing on the buildings, walls, equipment, painting and taping them,

g) littering the structure,

h) carrying animals in

i) destroying the property of the AIG S.A.

  1. In case of questioning items, which are in question in sec. 1, while carrying them in to the area of the Sports Hall, they can be requisitioned by employees of the Sports Hall without the right to return.

  2. Before using services of the Sports Hall the user is obliged to put his/her personal items in a locker placed in a changing room as well as to close the locker properly.

  3. The entity managing with the Sports Hall is not responsible for items left outside a locker, without protection or missing within the Sports Hall.

  4. Valuable items as well as cash should not be kept in lockers; they can be stored in the deposit locker at the check-out.

§ 6

  1. People breaching the safety and order rules within the Sports Hall shall be held criminally and administratively liable.

  2. The entity managing with the Sports Hall as well as a direct event organizer have the right to toss each person up, who does not comply with the above rules and regulations from the area of the Sports Hall by security service or the police.

  3. Accidents or damages should be immediately reported to employees of the Sports Hall.